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Fax           +49 40 8541 4992
Cell 24h    +49 172 4000 613

Note: a fax received on weekends and bank holidays will only be dealt with the next working day.

These information help us to immediately take care of your issue
  • Company name visiting address, contact data, file reference of
    • Principals / the Insured
    • Insurance Broker
    • Insurance Company
    • Location of survey
  • Description of goods to be surveyed
  • Claim / kind of damage
  • Container number (if applicable)
  • Means of transportation (name of vessel / license-plate vehicle / flight number etc.)
  • Transportation route (from > to)
  • Freight docs (B/L / AWB / CMR / Waybill / Delivery Note / Packing List etc.)
  • Letter of Liability sent to contract partner
  • Proof of Extra Costs claimed as caused by the damage
  • Recipient of our report
  • Recipient of our invoice
  • Preferred language of the report (German / English). We report in German, by default.

We are happy to assist when not all information is available at time of appointment. Documents submitted to us will exclusively be used in connection with reporting and claim handling. Please inform us in writing about particular needs.