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A constantly changing world requires a flexible partner
Established in 1901, Kraft & Co. nowadays is one of the leading cargo surveyors in Germany. Our customers rely on professional knowledge, exact documentation and fast, flexible response to their requests. Located in the Port of Hamburg, Germany, we are in continuous contact with the vast variety of goods traded all over the world. Intimate knowledge of the nature of cargo, transport routes and means of conveyance go without saying.

Already more than one hundred years ago traders and cargo underwriters entrusted Kraft & Co. to inspect valuable cargo. Back then we checked and evaluated the condition of commodity upon arrival from overseas or prior to on-carriage to foreign countries.

Kraft & Co. company archives hold some well-protected little treasures. We are happy that these documents have survived two world wars unscathed and retained for posterity. Even when nowadays steamers, like the 1905 Harland & Wolff, Belfast, built SS AMERIKA arriving from New York on January 31 1906, were replaced by modern container ships – one thing didn’t change: the high quality of Kraft & Co. reports and the confidence our principals have placed in us.

We are on standby –
every day,
since 1901.

SS Amerika